4.5 stars in iTunes – why not try it?

In-line documentation indicates to open my PDF in PDF Cabinet but I can’t. I go to iBooks, click on the PDF’s icon but nothing happens. Reading in Make Tech Easier, he opened the PDFs that he had sent himself via email. Sure enough, PDF Cabinet is an option to open the PDF.

Lesson Learned: iBooks is not a directory but rather a program hence I couldn’t open PDFs with other programs.

Interesting comment in Make Tech Easier:

I chose to email PDFs to myself, then import into Cabinet, rather than go the old-fashioned iTunes route, simply because it was easier.

iTunes strikes again. As a PC user, I find iTunes difficult to use. While I love the elegance of the iPad Air (I also have a Kindle but rarely use it as it just isn’t an iPad), iTunes makes the iPad difficult to use. Why doesn’t Apple allow the iPad to show up as just another device on the computer and then just drag and drop files into the iPad? But I digress.

To come: how well does PDF Cabinet work for annotating PDFs and will the annotations transfer to a PC. PDF Cabinet does not run on Windows.